Our Mission

We will seek to be teachers of the Word of God and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, to shape and equip our church family so that believers will be nourished and empowered in order that they fulfill their God-Ordained purpose, vision and ministry. We will prepare a people who will truly care for one another and who are not afraid to reach out to our town, our world, and to all who might be saved and brought into a living faith in Christ Jesus.

Country Cowboy Church exists as a local congregation to be witnesses, a reflection to the world outside, of God’s love as shown us through His Son: Our crucified, risen, exalted and soon returning King, Jesus Christ. It is why we are here.

We will live to serve our community in His love and His power knowing that “He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Our Mindset

  1. We will focus on God’s throne. Believing that each person’s first mission in life is to glorify God and to exalt His Son Jesus who is our Lord. It is His Kingdom that we establish in His Name.
  2. We will honor God’s Word. It is our absolute authority in our personal lives. We become free through its truths alone, we are guided by it, and by its teaching we will grow into the likeness of Jesus Christ.
  3. We will obey God’s call. We will be a people who will willingly serve others through whatever means at our disposal.
  4. We will invite the power of God to be with us. People who though prayer and intercession, believe that all things are possible to those who believe the promises of God and seek Him in faith.
  5. We will extend Gods Love. We will be accepting of all people being non-judgmental, knowing that Jesus commands brotherly love toward all members of the Christian family.
  6. We will welcome the Holy Spirit of God. According to Jesus command, we believe that the Spirits comfort is for our restoration and His fullness and anointing are essential to enable our daily service and witness for Christ.
  7. We will serve Gods people. We will minister to individuals knowing that marriage and family are ordained of God, we will nurture and help strengthen homes with the belief that there are none who are unimportant, that all are significant in the purpose of God.

“Where the home-fire burns”

(The invitation campfire):   “If we build a home that is glowing with God’s love for one another, His light of truth shining from our windows and His grace pouring out toward our neighbors, the world will beat a path to our door!”  – Jack Hayford

(Thoughtfulness of a campfire):  A call not to more activity but toward a greater transformation in the lives of everyone involved.

As a vital congregation at Country Cowboy Church the challenge is to build strong families, a haven of warm relationships and wholeness to which those ‘coming in from the cold’ will be attracted and find their way into God’s family.

“Oh, to see the campfire of Pentecost from afar, drawing me closer and closer with a promise of burning back the darkness of my life”.

Imagine being drawn to a campfire (with the promise of warmth and filling from afar) only to be invited in with smiles and welcomes and to awake in the morning to smoldering ashes. Robbed, beaten, broken and miserable? You will surely ‘watch out’ next time! (Has that ever happened to you?) The world is right in holding us to the moral requirements of the God we ‘claim’ to serve.

(Commitment to the Fire):  While you may come into our camp a wanderer, if you choose to stay and camp with us – sooner or later – you will be asked to help around the fire, to become a part of the family. Tithing won’t do it, paying someone else to do it won’t work for you; it must be you, committed to the flames!

You will be asked to greet, to welcome, to instruct others in the campfire experience.

(The Promise of the Fire):  Whatever darkness seeks to envelope you – whatever you are going through: Personal challenges, family trials, economic uncertainty, physical pain or just plain “soul-tiredness”, you will find yourself welcome at our fire. So come on in, be encouraged and transformed by the Truth of the Word of God and warmed by the closeness of true loving and grace-filled fellowship.

“As For Me And My House, We Will Serve The Lord”